Testing with Jest: Quick tip

Jest builds upon Jasmine

Jest is a great addition to an already great toolset for testing provided by Jasmine. What makes Jest especially nice is that it was created by the folks over at Facebook who brought us React, and unsurprisingly works perfect with react projects.

I won’t go into detail here, but you can read more about the project on their website: https://facebook.github.io/jest/

Quick tip

If you, like me find that your tests aren’t running and can’t figure out why (no mention of this in my initial searches), it may be that Jest traverses your source tree looking for testable folders __test__.

So tell it not to go into your node_modules directory by setting a config value in your package.json:

"jest": {
  "modulePathIgnorePatterns": ["node_modules"],

And that should get your tests running.

Kids learning to program: The hour of code


Programming: Computer programming (often shortened to programming, sometimes called coding) is a process that leads from an original formulation of a computing problem to executable computer programs. Programming involves activities such as analysis, developing understanding, generating algorithms, verification of requirements of algorithms including their correctness and resources consumption, and implementation (commonly referred to as coding) of algorithms in a target programming language. (via Wikipedia)

Kids are very good at understanding abstract concepts, and as such, programming is perfectly within their wheelhouse. Not only that but programming will help to better grasp concepts in analytical thinking, math and even reading and writing.

The hour of code


Kids can learn basic concepts in computer science through this great initiative: The hour of code will introduce some fundamental skills required to start programming. Programming can open the doors to a multitude of discovery from robotics to automation. It’s a great skill to have and what better way to learn than with subjects they are already excited about like Star Wars, Minecraft, Frozen and many more.

If you’ve never programmed before, learn along with your child, you might even have a little fun doing it.

What gift does every geek/artsy Dad want for Fathers Day?

Get Dad a gift he’d buy himself and cherish forever. Most dads aren’t very picky and the standards gifts are great, but there are other gifts that stand out and remain a part of his most prized posetions. This short list aims to give you some ideas.

Wacom Cintiq

Pricey but awesome. Having the ability to create digitally on the go is a luxury only available to most. As an illustrator myself I can value a piece of hardware that lets me do my thing anywhere. The Cintiq fills that void. Although not for everyone, the Dads that do creative, illustrative, or digital art would be over the moon for such a gift.

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Tutorial: How to design a trendy quote poster in Photoshop

Photoshop tutorial using masks

Today we’ll be looking at how to design a trendy quote poster in photoshop. This tutorial assumes you are familiar with Photoshop tools in general and have an understanding of some of the concepts such as blending modes and masks. We’ll be using a neat double-exposure effect for a vintage look.

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Web Prototyping with ExpressOh!

Express-Oh Header

I made a thing.  Rapid prototyping HTML + JS + CSS build system.

It works pretty simply. You run the server, it watches for changes, and auto updates any browser windows pointed at the server. This isn’t ground-breaking by any means, there are tons of ways to go about this. This was something I needed to play with CSS and JS and have a set of resources that I can reuse or create static files to share with folks. I wanted something with more granular control from what I use to write the code to how it gets compiled.

Requires Node.js


git clone https://github.com/ipetepete/ExpressOh.git
cd ExpressOh
npm install
npm start

You should check it out. I’d love some feedback if you try it out.


or on GitHub https://github.com/ipetepete/ExpressOh

Design Showcase: Web Design Trends 2015 Full page sliders


Showcase of new web design trends 2015. This week we take a look at a very cool web design trend: full page slider designs. This style is great for engaging visitors and making a visual impact with a simple interface. No need for scrolling here.

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